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Primary Wire Down Sensing and Isolating System

Downed power lines can carry an electric current strong enough to cause serious injury or possibly death.

When an overhead power line is downed by an accident or weather, it’s not necessarily dead, but you might be unless you stay away from it! An electrical power line is due the same respect as a loaded firearm. Just as every weapon should be handled as though it were loaded, all downed power lines must be assumed to be live.

High voltages may be transmitted through materials other than metals. A wooden pole, a fiber rope or other normally non-conducting materials may carry an electrical current if they become wet or soiled. The loose ends of the conductor may also energize the wiring, plumbing or steel supports of structures, metal fences, telephone or cable television systems and vehicles. Green tree limbs will also conduct electricity.

Given the wrong set of circumstances, a current will go to ground in nearby people. Yearly, many unnecessary deaths and injuries result from downed wires. The solution to this problem has proved elusive until now. The solution is:

The EMC Tele-Isolator
A System to rapidly isolate and de-energize downed wires.

Please see the following diagrams to see how the EMC Tele-Isolator can work for you to isolate trouble spots and to protect your customers. To find out more about this product, and how many lives can be spared each year, call Tim O’Regan, President of Electrical Materials Company, at (262) 279-3812.

Primary Purpose:

• Isolates high impedance faults.

• De-energizes downed primary conductor.

• Functions as a backup system with programmed timing.

Method of Sensing and Communicating:

• Senses loss of voltage - not over current.

• Senses voltage on every 1/2 sec interval for one cycle duration.

• Voltage monitor powered by communication system.

• Time delayed response to coordinate with over current protection system.

• Computer analysis controls isolating device-tripping function.

Equipment Requirements

• Voltage Monitors.

• Isolating switch trip control.

• Telephone Pair.

• Host Computer - Basic PC.

• Software

• Recloser, sectionalizer or fuse.

Pole Mounted Monitors

• Provides notification of interruption to dispatcher via computer logic .

• Provides notification of restoration to dispatcher via computer logic.

• Low cost microprocessor based solid state design.

• Surge protected on both voltage sensing and communication connections.

• Automatically places phone call for voltage status change.

• Repeat dialing is programmable.

• Provides grid information and status to host computer for analysis.


Tele-Isolator™ in use
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