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Underground Service
Quick Restorer Cart


Design features are incorporated into one portable unit which enables the utility to quickly restore 120/240 volts to a customer who has lost a phase or a neutral of a buried house service.

• Autotransformer 10, 15 or 25 KVA.

• Universal meter adapter with 10 foot flexible power cord.

• Breaker or switch.

• Rugged cart on pneumatic wheels.

• Weatherproof cover and fittings/

• Custom designs available per customer specifications


• Significantly reduces outage time. Restoration crew
typically spends less than one half hour at job site;
based on 20 years of experience at a large Midwestern utility.

• Eliminates the need for immediate buried service repair. Pays for itself with one or two uses.  Eliminates liability of
cables laying on ground.


• Troubleman unloads portable autotransformer and wheels it to customer’s electric meter.

• Troubleman disconnects failed leg of service at meter socket.

• Troubleman connects extra flex neutral lead and plugs in meter adapter to provide 120/240 volts to customer. 

Underground Service Quick Restorer Cart
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