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Blanket Clamp Hook

The blanket clamp hook is a new product which offers linemen an additional method to hang cover blankets from blanket clamps, otherwise known as “clothespins”.


  • New accessory for clothespins – set of 4 hooks permits hanging blankets to cover disconnects or cutouts.

  • Reduce cover up time.

  • Secure cover up blankets without improvising.

  • Hooks are an after-market accessory that fit all of the major brand blanket clamps without affecting the integrity of the original blanket clamps.

  • Hooks install and remove easily with screwdriver.

  • Molded from ABS.

  • Bright green color provides added visibility.
Blanket Clamp Hook

Blanket Clamp Hook on Insulator

Clamp is fastened to insulator.

Blanket Clamp Hook Wrapped

Blanket installed on hook and wrapped around insulator.


Blanket Clamp Hook Cutout

Blanket installed on disconnect switch.

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