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Secondary Service Pedestals —
Plastic, Rectangular for Utility Companies

EMC Plastic Secondary Rectangular Service Pedestals are constructed of high quality plastic. The high quality plastic in the EMC Plastic Secondary Rectangular Service Pedestals offers superior impact resistance, superior stress crack resistance and is also UV Stabilized.  In fact, tests have been done on the material which show that it will not crack until the temperature reaches 70 degrees below zero.


EMC Plastic Secondary Rectangular Service Pedestals also offer the following standard features:

• Dark Green or Sea Foam Green Color.

• Ribbed base for strength.

• Attachment base for posts.

• Molded in nuts for security bolt attachment.

• Stainless steel / zinc locking mechanism.

• Sloped base back design for greater stability and security.

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Secondary Service Pedestal - Plastic, Rectangular
Plastic Secondary Rectangular Service Pedestal
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