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Double Coil Spring Lock Washer Type MW

The heavy duty type MW washer has been designed specifically for use on bolts in wood assemblies such as poles, cross arms, bridge structures, etc.


MW is a modified double coil washer. The patented chamfer ends provide:

• A substantially leveled position of the nut under full compression.

• Elimination of cocking of bolt.

• Installation of nut or flat washer.


Maintains high integral pressure on the wood components which may shrink or swell during varying weather conditions – yet wood fibers are not crushed.

How integral pressure is maintained:

• Pressure is maintained through travel of the MW between uncompressed and compressed position. See chart below for travel distances.

• Results of uniform pressure.

• Minimizes radio or TV interference due to loose hardware.

• Minimizes burning of poles or cross arms caused by leakage of current arcing across loose hardware.

Double Coil Spring Lock Washer, type MW



Recommended Application of Double Coil Spring Lock Washer, Type MW


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