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U-Guard™ – Steel

The Electrical Materials Company steel flanged “U” Guards™ are manufactured from 14 gauge steel, with the maximum weight of hot dip galvanizing to be compatible with the life expectancy of standard pole line hardware. Our steel pole risers are available painted, flanged, unflanged, in and in lengths of 5’, 8’, and 10’. Most sizes are in stock. Unflanged steel U-Guard™ is available as well with a full line of conduit straps.

Designed to fit with our full range of Adapter Boots and Plastic U-Guards™. Our flanged Steel U-Guard™ installs quickly with EMC U-Guard™ Fasteners.

Steel U-Guards™ are part of a low cost alternative to expensive conduit systems.

We also manufacture Plastic and Steel U-Guards™ plus a large selection of accessories including; Steel and Plastic Adapters, Back Plates and Fasteners

Nationwide, copper wire theft has become an enormous problem. Copper wire is being stolen from many sources – electrical equipment, transformers, overhead wires, streetlights, and telephone lines. Copper wire is also being stolen from utility poles.

Electrical utilities, phone and cable companies have been installing heavy duty EMC steel U-Guard™ and are finding it discourages the theft of copper ground wire and cable from utility poles. EMC steel U-Guard™ further discourages copper theft as it also is used as an affordable barrier over conduit.

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