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Perch Guard™– Raptor Protection

Raptors such as eagles, ospreys, hawks and falcons like to perch and nest in tall dead trees. Unfortunately, the next best thing to a dead tree for a raptor is a utility pole or cross arm. As a result, many raptors are lost each year to electrocution.

EMC Perch Guard™ is designed to be mounted on utility poles to prevent raptors from landing or nesting on a pole or cross arm, thus preventing electrocution or injury.

Perch Guard™ PG-1:

• Vacuum formed high molecular weight polyethylene perch guard.

• Shipped ready to install.

• Tested to wind velocity of 80 MPH with no deflection.

• Install directly on line arm with #106 fasteners.

• UV stabilized, gray color.

Perch Guard™ PG-2:

• Extruded high molecular weight polyethylene perch guard.

• UV stabilized, gray color.

• Install directly with #107 fasteners.

Specifications / Ordering Information:


Description Dimensions
in Inches
PG-1 Perch Guard™ HMWPE Raptor Protector 4" 19 19" 1.25"
PG-2 Perch Guard™ Gray HMWPE Raptor Protector 2 13" 15" -----
Perch Guard™ dimensionsPerch Guard™ installation




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