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Guy Markers (Guy Guards) — Plastic

EMC Guy Markers (Guy Guards) are made of high impact UV stabilized plastic and provides durable, high impact, economical protection for exposed utility pole guy wires, dead end fittings, and anchor rods.

In addition, our Guy Markers are used on towers that utilize guy wires, such as, cell phone towers or other communication towers.

Our Guy Markers are used to increase the visibility of rooftop guy wires, helping to increase the safety of those with building rooftop access. Also, our guy markers are easily installed on driveway chains, making them far easier for cars and cyclists to identify.

We believe our Guy Markers (Guy Guards) are by far the most secure and most vandal proof guy marker on the market. In fact, we have sold millions of them through the years, making them one of our most popular products.

Our Guy Markers are available in yellow, gray, orange, striped or
reflective. EMC Guy Markers come in several diameters and our Guy Markers are REA approved.
Our Guy Markers are available with several attachment options, which include a large stainless clamp, a plastic tie wrap, a poly strap with buttons, a plug option, or you can order with no attachment.


• Available in four diameters to cover wide range of anchor rods and associated fittings.

• Wraps around the guy strand, fittings and anchor rod with 30 — 50% overlap.

• Standard length is 8' other lengths are available on special order.

• REA listed.

Guky Markers Plastic, yellow Guky Markers Plastic, orange
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