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Glove Roller by EMC

A simple and easy way to air test high voltage rubber gloves in the field.


  • Traps more air in the glove allowing for larger inflation. This will show damaged spots or defects better than rolling the glove by hand

  • Makes it easy to roll up the glove even when wearing winter leather gloves or mitts

  • Ergonomical design

  • Lightweight and easily stores in the rubber glove bag.

  • Made of UV resistant material that will not harm the glove

  • The glove roller will not crack, chip or become brittle in the cold weather.

(Note: other materials such as PVC may splinter, crack, or chip and possibly cut or pierce the rubber glove)

Glove Roller showing inflated electrical lineman glove
  Glove roller starting on cuff Glove rolling glove closing up
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