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Fuse Door Retriever

Almost every linemen has a story of a fuse door falling from a hot stick while handling them during an outage. That’s why Electrical Materials Company. developed the Retriev-a-dor™.  The new Retriev-a-dor™ is a hot stick attachment tool, which allows linemen to retrieve open fuse doors much more easily and safely than using a hot stick alone.

The Retriev-a-dor™  also allows linemen to install a replacement fuse door with as much ease and safety as retrieving one.  In addition, the Retriev-a-dor™ attachment does not interfere with normal hot stick operations, such as when initially opening and closing fuse doors.


• Tube design allows for easy alignment of tool with open fuse door.

• Retriev-a-dor™ installs quickly on hot stick with thumbscrews.

Retriev-a-dor™ opening/closing fuse door
Opening or closing fuse door.

Retriev-a-dor™ showing tube design allows user to sight in on fuse door
Bottom view from ground. Note: Tube design allows user to sight in on fuse door.

Retriev-a-dor™ holding fuse door
Secure holding on fuse door.

Retriev-a-dor retrieves fuse
Fuse door is retrieved.



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