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Parking Stands

EMC has three types of Parking Stands: Parking Stand Bracket, Offset Portable Parking Stand and Wall Mounted Parking Stand Bracket.

Parking Stand – Bracket :

The EMC Parking Stand Bracket has the following design features to aid in operating primary load break elbows in restricted space areas.

• The parking stand pockets can be rotated 90 degrees.

• The back plate may be mounted in any position to fit field conditions.

• Available in G235 galvanized for 304 stainless gauge steel (see table for catalog number) with stainless mounting hardware.

• Will accommodate parking stands up to 2 7/8" width.

• Oval mounting holes on back plate for ease of mounting.

Catalog Number

Description Shipping Weight
PSBG3 3 Position, Galvanized Steel 4 lbs.
PSBG4 4 Position, Galvanized Steel 5.3 lbs.
PSBS3 3 Position, #304 Stainless Steel 4 lbs.
PSBS4 4 Position, #304 Stainless Steel 5.3 lbs.

Parking Stand – Offset Portable:

The EMC Parking Stand – Offset Portable has the following design features.

• Permits lowering of parking stand pocket for parking elbow termination if primary cable stack is short.

• 304 stainless material.

• Lug for grounding parking stand.

• Stainless eyebolt for securing offset stand in existing parking stand.

Local safety practices should be followed in operating with this device.

Parking Stand – Wall Mounted Bracket:

The EMC Parking Stand – Wall Mounted Bracket has the following design features.

• Catalog Number WALLMTPSB

Parking Stands

Parking Stand - Bracket
Parking Stand - Bracket

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